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Last week I finished a Django project and needed to put the django app behind Apache. During the development in Django we used buildout. Buildout allows you to create a recipe to get the Django framework and dependencies on other python parts. It supports version pinning and allows you to download your dependencies thru pypi eggs or subversion.

If you want try buildout for Django try this how-to.

Buildout is well known in the Zope/Plone world and can be used in both development and production stages. Because a production mod_python/Django setup is a bit different them I’m used to (using Zope behind Apache), I decided to use buildout to generate a Apache virtual host config.

You can follow these these steps on this wiki for a buildout with mod_python:

https://tracpub.yaco.es/djangobuildout/ (warning! just click thru the SSL errors)

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