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Cloud storage

There are many services to store your data online. I’m using Dropbox to store and exchange files with others. It’s a pretty good online storage service with a client to sync the files. But with this and with similar (free) services you a have limited amount of storage. You can pay for the extra space but there’s a better and cheaper way to storing your files in the cloud.

Amazon S3 storage

Amazon is offering a wide array of cloud services. The storage service is called Amazon S3 (simple storage services). The storage is really cheap, approximately  $0.15 per GB/month for storage and $0.10 GB/month for data transfer. Dropbox and Ubuntu One are using S3 as storage facility, Twitter and Slideshare are using S3 to host images.

Using S3 as online storage isn’t that hard, it takes a bit more effort than using a service like Dropbox. But you’ll get unlimited storage for a bargain. Amazon isn’t offering a client to mount S3 storage on your computer. It provides an interface for developers, allowing connection to the storage. Luckily others have done the heavy lifting and there is software available to use the S3 storage on your computer. I don’t know the specific clients for Mac or Windows, google is your friend. I’m using FuseOverAmazon (this specific fork for EU buckets) on Ubuntu Linux.

So sign up for Amazon S3 and do some googling which client you need for your operating system. Now I only need a faster internet connection so I don’t have to wait when uploading gigabytes of photo’s to S3!

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