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My notes for the second and third day at the Plone conference in San Francisco. How to think in Plone (when those  about you think in Drupal) Dan Jacka Let’s make switching to Plone easier Plone content is naturally structured, drupal content has nodes indentified by numbers. For Plone lots of content is a prerequisite Confusions […]

My notes for the first day at the Plone conference in San Francisco. Dextery in the wild David Glick Case study of a complex Dexterity based solution, Net Impact Sales Force integration Membrane is used to represent users as content items. See dexterity.membrane Membrane the ugly: extra catalog with unneeded index Using dexterity with grok saves writing ZCML Content items […]

Van GW20e nieuws De PyGrunn ‘Python and friends’ conferentie is gehouden in Het Paleis in Groningen en is bezocht door ruim 80 personen. Voorafgaand aan de conferentie was er een masterclass van Armin Ronacher. De conferentie is gericht op de Python programmeertaal en verwante technologie. Met sprekers uit Nederland en het buitenland was de Python-community […]

For Plone there a few Google Maps packages available. I could get any of these working in Plone 4. I ended up writing my own jQuery code that allows setting a location in edit mode and shows the information when you view you view your content. I’m using the latest Google Maps API v3 for […]

Update 25 May 2010 – This information is outdated. Please refer to this page on the XDA Developers forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=529062 Here are the steps to the how-to’s to get root access to your HTC Magic and load a custom ROM. I took me some time to find all the needed info to do the job. […]

Last week I finished a Django project and needed to put the django app behind Apache. During the development in Django we used buildout. Buildout allows you to create a recipe to get the Django framework and dependencies on other python parts. It supports version pinning and allows you to download your dependencies thru pypi […]